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To enter the secure areas of the site, please type your username and password in the spaces provided.


To avoid logging in to PSE's password protected areas each time you access them, tick the check box after the words 'remember my details' - you will find this check box in the login panel at the top of the right hand column. Ticking the check box will cause a cookie to be placed on your browser which will automatically log you on to this website from this computer in the future.

If other people use the computer you are currently on, you probably don't want to use this facility as they will be able to access PSE's password protected areas also.

If you want to use the 'remember my details' facility on another computer, press the log out button and then log in again on the new computer and tick the check box again to overwrite the old details.

If you are having problems using the 'remember my details' facility or you need more information about how the facility works, please email the administrator.


If you have forgotten your password, click on the link in the login panel and we will email it back to you.

If you are experiencing difficulty in logging on to the site, please email the administrator.

Telephone: 01235 227279

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